Ferdinand M. Bocobo, LLM


Ferdinand M. Bocobo (FMB) is a consultant on PPP projects involving development of idle public land and properties at no cost to the government.

Prior to joining Libra Law, FMB served in the military for more than 38 years and retired as Lt. General of the Armed Force of the Philippines.  In 2018, he was a member of the 25-man Consultative Committee for the Review of the 1987 Constitution representing the military sector.

FMB holds three master’s degrees: Law from San Beda University (2015), National Security Administration from the National Defense College of the Philippines (2000), and Management from the Philippine Christian University (1990).

FMB is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy (1974). He obtained his Bachelor of Laws (1984) at the Far Eastern University. He joined the Philippine Bar in 1985.

He is also the President of the PMA Alumni Association, Inc. Foundation for Truth and Justice, Inc.